Pray for humanity because we are all we have. Once we are gone, what will be left?

The terrorist attacks in Paris, 11 days ago rocked us all to our core. What is happening in our world today? It has taken 11 days for this tragedy to sink into my head yet I still can’t express verbally how horrible it is. Emotionally, it makes me cry inside that our human existence on this planet has come to people being compelled to kill one another and for what?

On one hand I feel pain. I feel pain for those who lost their lives innocently and for those who have suffered a loss/losses. On the other hand I am angry. I am livid with those terrorists who feel they have nothing better to do with their time than kill innocent civilians. But, at the end of the day my anger subsides and I feel remorse. I am remorseful for those who, again, lost their lives or have suffered a loss but also more remorseful for the terrorists. I pray that they find happiness somewhere or in someone. I pray that they let go of all of their negative energy and find something substantial to do with their lives.

Pray for humanity because we are all we have.


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