New Year

There’s a new year that is approaching and a lot of resolutions that will be made; e.g.: stick to a workout routine, climb the ladder of success, earn a degree, etc. But, out of all of the new year’s resolutions we can make let us vow, at the end of the day to just be good people.

People filled with love for not only our own selves but for humanity the most. Let us be people that only see the good in one another and offer a helping hand. Let us not see labels, riches or materialistic things but let us move past the first layer of a person and dive straight into their soul. Let us find out what makes them good and learn from that so we can better ourselves. Let us find out what makes them not so good and set a goal to help them see the brighter, kinder, more gentler side of life that is far more exhilarating than the physical riches or ideals this person possess.

Stand with me as we push aside the stereotypical “new year’s resolution” (which, in all reality, only lasts a few days, maybe weeks at most) and create a vow that for this year and for all of the years to come we will be good, genuine, caring, loving, passionate people that have a love for being simply nice and honest.

New Year

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