Quote #1

“I may not know what kind of person I want to be but I know what kind of person I don’t want to be.” – T.D.

For so many years I was wrapped up in wanting to be like other people because I thought I saw greener grass on the other side. Everyone’s life was somehow so much better than mine that I didn’t even want to be myself, I wanted to be them.

After experience and tireless hours spent trying to be so many different people I finally gave in to the idea that me, myself and I, and my entire package was okay. It wasn’t better than anyone else but it was good enough for me. I finally liked myself and my life. All those years that were spent wanting to be other people, I could have spent getting to know myself and liking myself more. All that time I spent disliking what made me, me- I finally have come to love and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Be yourself. Everyone is different and that is okay. Everything in your life won’t always be perfect but accept it and move on. It won’t always be the same forever.

Quote #1

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