Starting next month I will be adding more content to Sprinkle in Happiness. I have included tabs on Outfits, Travel and Small Things. While pretty self-explanatory, I’ll go ahead and explain what these additions will involve. Let’s start from the beginning:

Travel: This category  which will be featured 1x a month has 2 sub-sections- My Adventures which will include places I have already been to and Wanderlust Wishes which will include places I would like to visit in the future.

Outfits: While I am not completely into fashion like some people, I do like to get dressed up once in awhile and that is when you will see these posts 1x a month.

Small Things: This is my favorite category of the bunch. I truly believe it’s the small things in life that count and have the ability to make you the happiest. I will include posts 1x a week on something small that makes me happy.

I hope you all enjoy these new additions to the blog and I can’t wait to start writing about them!




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