A Magical Holiday

The holidays for my husband and I don’t really “officially” start until we have taken our annual trip to Disney. We started this tradition a few years ago and have been fortunate enough to stick with it thus far. We typically spend the first weekend of December in Disney taking in the holiday festivities that surround us.

Our first stop this year was EPCOT, and the main reason for the trip but more on that later. During the day, each of the country’s spin their tale on what the holidays mean to them. Some of our favorite shows include Norway’s “Sigrid and Julenissen,” Italy’s “La Befana,” United Kingdom’s “Father Christmas,” and last but certainly not least, America’s “Candlelight Processional,” the main reason for our trip.

My husband and I are very religious and we love America’s “Candlelight Processional” because it takes us through the story of Jesus with a guest speaker (our guest speaker this year was Robby Benson, the voice of Beast in Beauty and the Beast) and an amazing choir and orchestra. It really puts us in the holiday spirit and brings us back to the true meaning of Christmas, Jesus Christ.

Take a look at some of the pictures I took around EPCOT and our Christmas card that we sent out.


Candlelight Processional




Our Christmas card for the season.


Happy Holidays!



A Magical Holiday

2 thoughts on “A Magical Holiday

    1. My first time was only a few years ago and I fell in love! When you decided to go, let me know and I can put together an itinerary. I have no problem putting together a list of great places to stay, restaurants to eat at and shows to watch. 🙂


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