Wedding Cakes

Every now and then beautiful wedding photos come up on my Pinterest account and just looking at them makes me smile. I thought I would share 5 of the prettiest wedding cakes from Pinterest I found this weekend, and my very own wedding cake from my wedding.

Floral Cake

I love how simple this cake is yet the greenery and peonies give it color, and make it pop.

Make our love global.

This cake is so simple yet elegant with the pictures of the continents. This would make a great cake for the couple that has wanderlust.

Less is more

The simplicity of the gold design around each tier of cake makes it classy and timeless.

Ruffles aren’t just for dresses!

I can’t imagine the precision it takes for a baker to create these ruffles. It’s edible artwork! Kudos if your dresses has ruffles.

Sprinkle in happiness on your wedding day.

I can’t tell you how much my inner child enjoys this picture, and how much it would enjoy this cake even more.

My wedding cake!

We are Disney obsessed and wanted to incorporate our obsession with Disney into our wedding, in a healthy way. I think our cake turned out fabulous!

🙂 Tanka

Wedding Cakes

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