Birthday & 2017

With a birthday so close to the new year I always feel extra pressure to make resolutions so I can start the new year and the new me on a clean, fresh note. I’ve spent most of the month trying to come up with resolutions for the new year. After an exhausting couple of weeks of coming up empty handed and depressed that I don’t have any new goals for the upcoming year, I suddenly realized why.

I’m pretty content with life as it is and have nothing major that I want or need. This past year, I stuck to my resolution of improving myself (and my anxiety) and it has brought me to a new magical place in my life. The only thing I can do from here is continue to be an even better person for the upcoming year. I want to continue my resolutions from last year which included:

1. Becoming more involved with my church & religion.

2. Becoming more philanthropic.

3. Becoming less anxious.

4. Living life more.

I feel so fortunate and lucky to have realized, at my age, what life is really about: love, living in the moment, laughter. I hope everyone is able to incorporate these things into their lives in the upcoming new year.



Birthday & 2017